Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boston - 31st May

Boston is quiet compared to the chaos that we came from in New York & Miami. Tonight we are going to an Irish Pub with a group of people from the hostel, which should be fun.

Museum of Fine Arts

UPM outside

Infinite bottles

Cheers Bar & UPM, this is the bar that the TV series was based on

Museum of Science, a T-Rex & UPM

UPM riding on the back of a black bear

UPM & Real Triceratops Bones

Infrared Daryl & UPM

Crusty Monkey for the Army

UPM & a Rube Goldberg Machine

Friday, May 29, 2009

New York - 29th May

Metropolitan Museum

Egyptian Monkeys

Blue Hippo

Stone monkeys

Claire & The Little Dancer by Degas

Central Park Zoo

Yay!!!, a snake

Some type of rodent

Waxy Monkey Frog


Snow Monkeys

Rockefeller Center

UPM & the empire state building

UPM & central park

Infinite houses

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New York - 28th May

The Guggenheim

Museum of Natural History


Shrunken heads

Look its Chitzen Itza, at least we got to see a model of it, stupid pigs.

Maya Sun God Disc of Worshipfulness

Olmec head

The Army of Stuffed Zombie Monkeys

UPm & Megalodon Jaws

Some tank-like animal skeleton

T-Rex skull

Some type of Oviraptor

T-Rex Skeleton




Sabre-toothed cat

Giant armadillo

Giant elk


34 tonne piece of meteorite, the original it came from was 2oo tonnes.

Lots of different animal specimins

Monkeys in a tree

A blue whale hung from the roof

UPM in a giant clam

Stufffed Wolverine

Stuffed Mooses