Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Zombie creation myth as told by the Zombie high preist

Here is the first story from the world I am creating for the novel I'm writing. Let me know what you think about it.
This story concerns the neo-zombie creation myth in my world of imaginings. The zombies are living in a post apocalyptic world and they have managed to reproduce, as they had been reduced to their base instincts: eat, sleep, reproduce. Due to the sped up metabolism that they live with, they grow quickly and live for only a few years. So many generations of zombies have been born and died during the events leading up to the main story of the novel and they have evolved into a tribal hunter gatherer society and have regained a degree of the intelligence the 'survivors' (who live within the walls of The City) possess. Though the 'survivors' live a meager existence that is highly controlled and regulated.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puppets and Spiders and Random

Here are a few random pictures of recent stuff. The puppets are for random video's that Duane & I are going to make, that may or may not involve Monkeys and/or Squirrels. They will be ultimately meaningless random stupidity and I will post them on YouTube as well as this blog.

A Daddy Long Legs has a snack

Duane's puppet head

My puppet head

A big spider contemplates the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Using the macro function to photograph a TV, click on it to see it at full size awesomeness

Naked Puppet

The Daryl Avatar Puppet

The Duane Avatar Puppet

Genetically Engineered Bananas

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Squirrels and random stuff that exist

We went to see G.I.Joe today. It was awesome, it was just like when I was a kid playing with my G.I.Joe's in the dirt in the backyard, except there was more explosions in the movie.

Canada does the Colonel at the Movies. It's not as good as back in NZ, the chips don't have the epic seasoning and the poutine scares me, it's a heart attack in a bucket. But I think it would taste good. Mmmmm.... potato, gravy and cheese, I can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about it.

On the walk back to the apartment I went for a wander around Central Park to find randomness.

A squirrel begs for food by looking cute.

The aftermath of some sort of violent disturbance a.k.a. the remains of something fluffy and cute that may have been torn apart by coyotes.

A Giant Spy-Fly receiving orders.

The Fungus Among-Us

Veteran Squirrel with battle scars and/or rabies or some other exotic disease

Random red berries waiting to eaten be small children in order to cause excessive parental stress.

Camouflage Testing 1.
Result: The subjects camouflage matches the dirt, but doesn't match the grass.
Recommendation: Use green paint to on subjects fur to aid in camouflage while on grass

Old fence that is hidden away in the bush

Some sort of heron stalking fish

Airborne Reconnaissance Raven

Aquatic Evolved-Dinosaur Attack Team

The Infamous White-Bellied Attack Squirrel poised to destroy the enemy

Here are couple of videos of squirrels in action.

Squirrel running on the path

Young Squirrel eats a nut or seed or something

And now for some random writings dredged from the abyss of The Writings of Daryl.

We live in a perceived reality, a reality based upon the accumulation of personal experiences. These include, but not limited to, how, when & where we are taught things, by teachers, parents, peers, media, as well as anything & everything that surrounds our being. We are the centre of our personal universes, we are our own God's. The persona's we portray amongst friends, family and the general public area an accumulation of experiences derived from our upbringing & social climate surrounding us. For example we adapt our behaviour to suit the surroundings we are in, in my case when I am in a new surrounding and/or the people I'm surrounded by make me uncomfortable either by the way they look or act (usually people who assume they are superior to me), I become quiet and let them "blow their own horn". I do this because I know what I know, they have had different experiences therefore they act differently in various situations, for example they may feel the need to talk alot in order to prove themselves and what they know. Their views on things are affected by personal experiences therefore they may or may not be naive about certain issues, they may or may not consider how the way they act or what they say affects those within their surroundings.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The pinata and the random video

Tonight was the birthday party for JP, the son of our landlords/the family that lives in the house above us.

Gary tying up the pinata with JP ready to destroy it with a baseball bat

JP attacks with a +4 bat of hitting

Christian attacking the pinata.

The boys auntie attacking the innocent pinata

The fatal hit

Stuck in the tree

The remains hanging limply from the cherry tree

and now for something completely different a cool video, I really like the water colour style of it

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I finally saw twilight, sort of.

I randomly found this video and I think this is a much better version of the film

click here for original website

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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Warped Tour warps are fragile little minds.

Here are the highlights of the epic day of warpness. 66 bands for $40 Canadian, much better value and band quality compared to the Big Day Out. We also randomly meet a few other Kiwis in the chaos.

When we first arrived at the bottom field


Atticus booth for Ash

Less Than Jake

and the amazing water projectiles

Big D and the Kids Table
are a really cool band


The White Tie Affair
are currently overstocked due to a shipping error...


The 2 best mohawks that I saw

Devil Wears Prada

Dancing Cat dances for our amusement

Escape The Fate

Yes I will meet you.
through the smoke and flames
on the front lines of war
and I will stand my ground until the end
till we conquer them all.

We will conquer them all


My First Warped Tour

Bad Religion

There will be
Yeah there will be
Sorrow .
And there will be
Sorrow, no more.


Medina Lake

The crowd for Alexisonfire


Oh, young cardinals
Nesting in the trees
Oh, hear our songs
And rain your innocence on me

Vancouver Cops in shorts


The lead singer is an angry, angry ginga.

Panoramic shot from the path down to the bottom field

Panoramic shot from the embankment

Warped stuff given & stuff brought

The stickers, the compilation CD & the ticket

The bands of the seven stages of the tour of the warp.

Canadian style pizza with dipping sauce. In case your wondering it's cut up into bite sized pieces.

Crispy fried Duane

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